We offer a variety of courses on topics related to Soft, Living and Active Matter in both the Bachelor and Master curicula at LION. The full list of offered courses can be found within the online prospectus for the bachelor and the master. Here are the courses taught by the PI and the team:

Soft and Biomatter Theory is taught by S. Henkes.


Our group also host bachelor and master research projects. Contact us if you are a student interested in discovering exciting current research in Soft, Living or Active Matter!

The projects we offer are genuine research projects. As such, they are different each year, even each semester. Below is a list of past projects to give you an idea of the variety of the topics covered:

Rigidity percolation for photoelastic disk packings, by Melle Versluis, supervised by S. Henkes - 2023
Particle-based models of cancer spheroids, by Kostas Andreadis, supervised by S. Henkes and T. Schmidt - 2024
Fingering instability in epithelial cell sheets, by Sander Kammeraat, supervised by S. Henkes - 2023
Force network ensemble for cell packings, by Charlotte Benney, supervised by S. Henkes - 2021